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Brief Description:-

  Madikeri was upgraded to City Municipal Council on 01.01.2004 by the Government. Madikeri was formerly known as Muddu raja keri. Muddurajakeri which means Mudduraja's town, was named after the prominent Haleri king, Mudduraja who ruled Kodagu from 1633 to 1687.Also known as Mercara, it is the headquarters of the district of Kodagu (also called Coorg). It is a popular tourist destination.  This town is situated at an elevation of over 5000 ft above sea level. Madikeri lies on the Karnataka State Highway 88 that runs from Mysore to Mangalore. It is 120 km from Mysore and 136 km from Mangalore. From Bangalore, Madikeri is at a distance of 252 km. As of 2011 India census Madikeri has a population of 33,318In Madikeri the main festivals celebrated are Kailpodhu, Kaveri Sankramana, Puttari and Dasara. Madikeri Dasara is a ten-day celebration, which is beautified by 4 Karagas and 10 Mantapas depicting killing of Asuras (demons) by Suras (God/Goddess). In recent days Madikeri dasara is gaining more attraction compared to Mysore dasara, as Mysore dasara is held at day light but Madikeri dasara begins at Midnight of Vijayadashami.

Computerised projects:

Birth and Death Online Application:

     All birth and death records since 1990 are computerised, citizens can verify the records through city website and can get the authorized copy from CMC. Website link:  http://www.madikericity.mrc.gov.in/egbnd/index.jsp


Public Grievance Redressal System (P.G.R):

    Public Grievance Redressal cell has been opened under Nirmal Nagar project and this cell works for 24x7. Citizens can give the complaints through letter, phone and also online complaints can be raised through city website. HELPLINE No: 08272-220111, Website link: http://www.madikericity.mrc.gov.in/pgr/


Official Website:

           Citizens can use the city website http://www.madikericity.mrc.gov.in/  for more information.


Propert Tax Online Application:

         All the properties have been identified and the information has been computerised and the application is live and the website is http://www.madikericity.mrc.gov.in/ptisnn/public/citizenIndex.jsp



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